Annual meeting
October 13, 2005


*Due to the fact that only 16 households are represented, all issues voted on will need to receive additional votes by ballot to complete the business. Homeowners not in attendance are receiving a ballot included with these minutes in which to vote.

Called to order at 7:05 p.m. in the Brighton Community Center. Present: Board members – Trish Petrat, Don Merckling, and Sara Thomas. Members – Linda Michele-Dobel & Mike Dobel, Bruce Everett, Chris Ford, Michael, Ann (& baby Sarah!) Goldon, Mike Green, Mike & Sandra Hamlin, Doris Longfellow, Kevin Love, Carl & Jeanette Mauch, Sue Scott, Dennis Smith, Jack Swint, Rick Thomas, Bernie Wilke, and Rick Zahler.

Welcome: Trish announced that there were new neighbors at 6427 Grand Circle (Marcia & John Tomasko). They are working on the house for a while before actually moving in. We will be giving them a “Welcome” basket as soon as they officially move in.

Treasurer’s report & financial issues: Sara went over the report for 2004-2005.
(If you would like to see a copy of any Treasurer's Report, please contact Sara by clicking here to send her an e-mail with your request.) Amended financial statement was submitted for 2003-2004 to make adjustment for balance amount where two numbers had been transposed. Members present did not have any questions about the current or previous financial statement. Doris motioned; Bruce seconded to approve amended 2003-2004 statement. Passed unanimously. Doris motioned; Kevin seconded to approve the current statement. Passed unanimously.

Sara reviewed CD that is up for renewal in March 2006. Interest rate went from 1.29% to 2.08% for a one-year term. Doris motioned; Bernie seconded to renew CD at an interest rate and reasonable time frame that has the most favorable latitude. Motion passed unanimously.

Trish reminded members that the association dues are payable by October 31, 2005.

Annual meeting date change: Trish & Sara proposed amending the Bylaws to allow the annual meeting to occur in the month of October each year with the required 30-day notice to members for planning purposes. This will allow the Board to secure the best (free!) location possible without being constrained by a specific date. Dennis motioned; Linda seconded to amend the Bylaws as stated in the above discussion. Passed unanimously.

Road maintenance: Trish reminded members to fill in road edges with dirt between their lawn and the road (and plant grass seed) to prevent a drop off and subsequent damage from vehicles and impacts from winter weather conditions. This fill-in allows for a gentle slope down to the lawn and acts as a support to the road edge.

Attorney retainer fee: Trish informed members about working on the pool amendment that had been voted on at the 2004 meeting and the need for an attorney to draft the language and document on our behalf so it can then be recorded at the Livingston County Register of Deeds. Most attorneys she spoke with, or was aware of, charged in the range of $350 per hour. Sara provided the name of Steve LaCommare of the Kizer Law Firm who is willing to do legal work for $170 per hour with a retainer fee of $500 up-front. (Any expenses would be applied against the retainer first and then we would be billed at $170 per hour for any additional work.) Doris motioned; Bernie seconded to approve the $500 retainer fee for Steve LaCommare at the Kizer Law Firm. Passed unanimously.

Web site & e-mail list: General discussion about whether a web site might be a good for general communication purposes. Trish said it is about $35 per year to maintain the web site. No action was taken on this but members may take a look again at this topic in the future. A directory was passed around for members to put their email addresses on so neighbors can communicate with each other if needed. Examples: communicate about something occurring in the neighborhood; offering perennial bulbs to share; seeking information on contractors, etc. This email list is included with these minutes.

Board of Directors election: No nominations were submitted. Doris motioned; Kevin seconded to keep the current board and officers. Passed unanimously.

Other items:

“No Hunting” signs: Sara & Rick had put up “No Hunting” signs on the park property off of Grand Circle last fall. These signs were subsequently removed by someone at some point. They will be putting them back up. It is important for neighbors to be diligent about preventing anyone attempting to hunt in the park or to trespass to hunt elsewhere. Police can be called if necessary.

Sue Scott moving: Sue informed everyone that she has sold her home and was going to be closing the following day. She said she will miss living here. We wished her well in her new home.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Submitted by:
Sara Thomas
Mountain View Improvement Association



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