Annual meeting
October 14, 2004


*Due to the fact that only 21 households are represented, all issues voted on will need to receive additional votes by ballot to complete the business. Homeowners not in attendance are receiving a ballot included with this newsletter in which to vote.

Called to order at 7:15 p.m. in the Media Center of Maltby Middle School. Present: Board members – Trish Petrat, Don Merckling, and Sara Thomas. Members – Thomas & Rosemary Bloomer, Linda Michele-Dobel & Mike Dobel, Bruce Everett, Chris Ford, Michael Goldon, Renee Green, Mike & Sandra Hamlin, Shawn Hinson, Doris Longfellow, Sue Love, Carl & Jeanette Mauch, Brandon Montney, Cindy Perlman, Kirk Romans, Sue Scott, Dennis Smith, Gail Tait, Rick Thomas, Bernie Wilke, and Rick Zahler.

Welcome: Trish welcomed new neighbors present: Thomas & Rosemary Bloomer, Michael Goldon, and Brandon Montney. Cindy presented welcome baskets to the Goldons & the Bloomers. The Montneys had received theirs earlier.

Treasurer’s report & financial issues: Sara went over the report.
(If you would like to see a copy of any Treasurer's Report, please contact Sara by clicking here to send her an e-mail with your request.) Amended financial statements were submitted for the years 2001-02 and 2002-03 to make adjustments for expenses not previously accounted for as well as a minor bank error concerning a check amount. Members present did not have any questions about the current or previous financial statements. Doris motioned; Don seconded to accept these statements. Pass unanimously.

Sara reviewed CD that is up for renewal in March 2005. Interest rate went from 1% to 1.29%. Cindy motioned; Don seconded to renew CD if interest rate is the same. Amendment made to allow Board officers to review interest rate at time of maturity & be authorized to secure a longer term if the interest rate is much better. Motion passed unanimously.

Trish brought up the idea of setting up a party fund to have monies if a volunteer comes forward to organize a neighborhood-wide get-together. Linda said it would be helpful to know how past parties were conducted. Doris said they have an old tent left over from previous years activities. Some people wondered if there would be enough interest to have a good attendance. Brandon mentioned he worked on a few block parties in his previous neighborhood – live band, horseshoes, deep fried turkey, etc. People seemed to really have fun. Motion made by Don; seconded by Rick Z. to set aside $300 for a party fund for a future activity. (We informally “elected” Brandon to be the chair of this activity...!)

Members were asked to pay the current dues of $30.00 for 2004-05.

Liens reminder: Trish reminded everyone about the fact that the association will put liens on property when the dues become outstanding. This action was an agreed upon procedure by majority vote of the homeowners at the annual meeting in 2000 and is authorized by our Bylaws. Shawn had concerns about putting a lien on someone’s property for nonpayment of $30. Seems rather harsh. Sara said that individuals are sent reminders and given a generous allowance of time before a lien is actually filed. Also – once dues are paid in full, lien is removed in a timely manner.

Board of Directors election: No nominations were submitted. Doris motioned; Dennis seconded to keep the current board and officers. Passed unanimously.

Neighborhood directory: Trish has updated the directory since we have had several new neighbors move in. Members will receive one upon dues payment.

Other items:

Swimming pool discussion: Jeanette brought up the issue of above ground pools and the assumption that they are not allowed in the neighborhood. She specifically referenced the Fridays’ request to install one and how that was handled. There is no specific language in the Deed Restrictions to prohibit them, however, per Rick Z., the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) does have the responsibility to review any building changes by homeowners which includes pools to make sure they comply with the intent of the Deed Restrictions. ACC does have authority to prohibit actions that may violate our Restrictions. In fairness to homeowners, Jeanette motioned; Don seconded to amend the Deed Restrictions to specifically prohibit above ground pools. Motion passed with 20 votes in favor and 1 opposed. Trish will put together the language and have it reviewed by an attorney before proceeding. Owners of existing above ground pools in the neighborhood have been asked to remove them when they are in disarray or not going to be used. Shawn will be installing a new liner in his pool this year. He plans to maintain his pool.

Temporary sign language: Chris brought up the language in the Deed Restriction prohibiting certain temporary signs. Does this mean political, garage sale, team/athlete support signs? Language is not clear, however there have not been any complaints regarding any temporary signs displayed in people’s yards so we will leave the language intact.

Noise issue: Trish brought up issue of noise concerns on behalf of Tracey Romans, who could not attend the meeting. Concern regarding the lateness of people mowing lawns or using power equipment in to the evening. Trish informed members that Genoa Township has an ordinance that refers to a certain decibel level restriction after 6:00 p.m. Members are encouraged to respect time issues when doing outdoor work.

Flower plantings: Tracey also had suggestion of possibly planting flowers along curbs in the front of the subdivision. Trish promoted general discussion but due to Tracey’s absence, could not address specific questions about how it would work. Therefore this topic is pending until further discussion.

Recycle used batteries: Trish informed membership that batteries can be recycled at the township hall on Dorr Road.

Neighborhood sign: Chris inquired about the entrance sign that had temporarily been displayed at the southeast entrance (Grand Circle East). Trish reviewed the process that occurred to draft and build the sign and how the Livingston County Road Commission refused giving MVIA permission to post it in their easement near Challis Road. Keeping it out of the easement meant putting it in the landscaping of the Love home which is not acceptable therefore the idea has been abandoned.

Newsletters: Trish proposed doing 1 newsletter per year right before the annual meeting due to lack of material for 4 newsletters. Membership was comfortable with that. No specific discussion ensued.

Surrounding land: Question came up about the status of the land around our neighborhood. Trish said that the various owners are squabbling about the long-term use. No development pending. Discussion regarding people hunting & trespassing back there. Ordinance prohibits hunting with firearm within 350 feet of a residence. Don stated that the Cuchers (sp?) on Challis Road have informal agreement with owners to hunt there and watch over property. Brandon & his kids have ridden ATV's back there and have seen people camping at night.

Doris motioned; Don seconded, to adjourn the meeting. Passed unanimously. Approximate time: 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by:
Sara Thomas
Mountain View Improvement Association



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