Annual Meeting
October 14, 2014


*Due to the fact that only 15 households were represented, all issues voted on will need to receive additional votes by ballot to complete the business. Homeowners not in attendance are receiving a ballot included with these Minutes to vote.

Called to order at 7:08 p.m. in a conference room at the Homewood Suites on Challis Road, Brighton. Present: Board members - Don Merckling, Bruce Everett & Rick Thomas. Members – Sheila Czornij, Steve and Mary Ann Essenmacher, Sandra Everett, Mike and Renee Green, Dan Kashian, Bud Longfellow, Carl and Jeanette Mauch, Judy Merckling, Sherry Smith, Mike Hamlin, Trish Petrat and Rick Zahler, Justin and Michele Mannooch, Ken Moilanen, Susan Rosebrough, Sherry Smith.

Welcome: Don/Rick welcomed everyone in attendance. Pizza and pop available for members.

Financial statement: Rick gave a summary of the financial statement. Motion made by Don Merckling; seconded by Dan Kashian to approve the financial statement. Vote taken by show of hands, results: 15 in favor, 0 against.

Dues: Payable in the amount of $30 to “MVIA” and due by November 30, 2014. Send to Rick at 6531 Catalpa Drive, Brighton, MI 48116-9420 or put in his newspaper bin.

Vacant home: Rick provided update on status of the Lee home (6427 Grand Circle). Home has now been foreclosed by bank (Fannie Mae). Some renovation has been observed and it is expected that it will eventually be put on the market for sale. MVIA paid for two lawn cuttings over the summer, but house now seems to be getting periodic maintenance to lawn, although landscaping is still overgrown. MVIA will monitor progress as much as we can.

Other areas of concern: Update on multiple deed restriction violations on a specific MVIA residence. In the past spring/summer, the residence was inspected by Livingston County Building Department investigating county building code violations. Owner removed temporary structure attached to rear of home and County Inspector advised MVIA that the residence was now in county compliance. However, a temporary tent structure is now in the backyard, along various construction materials, at least one motorcycle and other debris. Landscaping is also being allowed to over grow. Resident has not responded to any letters from MVIA over several years, and has never paid association dues. This issue is of MVIA Board priority and we will seek next steps from MVIA legal counsel.

Neighborhood directory: Rick asked for any updated information for the directory. Once it is updated it will be emailed to all residents with email addresses on record, and mailed to balance of residents (approx. nine).

Nominations for new board members: Nominations were requested for the MVIA Board as Rick and Bruce will be stepping down. Mary Ann Essenmacher nominated Ken Moilanen, seconded by Trish Petrat. Sara Thomas nominated Mary Ann, seconded by Rick. Trish nominated Don Merckling, seconded by Bruce Everett. Private voting with paper ballots occurred and were handed to Rick to tabulate. The results: 15 in favor of Don, Ken and Mary Ann serving on the board; 0 against.

Other business:

Sherry Smith expressed concern about poor county snow plowing and terrible road conditions in the subdivision last winter, and asked if MVIA should investigate commercial snow plowing. Discussion ensued about viability of contacting LCRC about better service and/or contracting with private commercial service to plow streets on a demand basis when snow fall becomes problematic and response from LCRC is a concern.

Motion made by Sherri; seconded by Carl Mauch to create a committee consisting of Sherry Smith and Mary Ann Essenmacher to investigate Livingston County Road Commission response to Mountain View snow plowing this winter, and, if necessary, to obtain 2-3 quotes from commercial snow removal services to plow Catalpa Dr. and Grand Circle Dr. on a demand basis. Committee to report findings/options to MVIA Board for review. No funding for such services was authorized at this time. Vote taken by show of hands to create Snow Removal Committee (one per residence), results: 13 in favor, 1 against, 1 abstain.

Discussion of possible holiday event for MVIA residents. Board would consider funding at least some expenses if someone steps forward to volunteer to organize event. Most past attempts have not been fruitful. No further action at this time.

Adjournment - Motion made by Don Merckling; seconded by Dan Kashian to adjourn the meeting at
8:10 pm. Motion passed.

After adjournment, remarks and Q&A session by Steve LaCommare, The Kizer Law Firm and MVIA legal counsel.

Submitted by:
Rick Thomas
Mountain View Improvement Association


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