Annual Meeting
October 24, 2013

*Due to the fact that only 14 households are represented all issues voted on will need to receive additional votes by ballot to complete the business.  Homeowners not in attendance are receiving a ballot included with these Minutes in which to vote.

Called to order at 7:00 p.m. in a conference room at the Homewood Suites on Challis Road, Brighton.  Present:  Board members - Trish Petrat, Don Merckling, & Sara Thomas.  Members – Zenon & Sheila Czornij, Steve & Mary Ann Essenmacher, Bruce & Sandra Everett, Mike Goldon, Renee Green, Donna Kashian, Darlene Lapham, Carl Mauch, Judy Merckling, Dennis & Sherry Smith, Bernie Wilke, & Rick Zahler.

Welcome:  Trish welcomed everyone in attendance.  Pizza and cider available for members. In light of the meeting last year, she asked that proper decorum and etiquette be used for any discussions that may ensue.

Financial statement:  Sara gave a summary of the financial statement.  Motion made by Don Merckling; seconded by Dennis Smith to approve the financial statement.  Motion passed.

Dues:  Payable in the amount of $30 to “MVIA” and due by November 23, 2013.  Send to Sara.

Swint home:  Jack & Donna submitted the home plans for the house being built to replace the one razed from the serious fire earlier in the year to the ACC.  They hope to be in before the Christmas holidays.  Jack informed everyone of important new changes in building rules over the past several years like new boundary setbacks and rules for septics (such as the type of material used).  Due to the new setback stipulations, they had to submit their house plan to the Genoa Township Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance which, fortunately, was given.  Jack also stressed to all of us about the need to make sure you have “full replacement value” on your homeowners insurance. 

Genoa Township road millage:  Handouts were offered regarding the details and locations for the proposed road improvements that will be made if the millage goes through in November.  Trish expressed concern that if Conrad is paved, it will undoubtedly increase the traffic along Challis Road in front of our neighborhood.  Sara stated that these kinds of improvements should be a County-wide issue and not the responsibility of just the residents of Genoa.

Vacant home:  Trish stated that there is a vacant home in the neighborhood but still under individual ownership.

Deed Restrictions & Bylaw Committee:  Mary Ann gave a summary of the meetings held by the committee over the summer and listed the members involved besides herself - Michele Vancleve, Carl Mauch, Ken Moilanen, Darlene Lapham, and Sherry Smith. They discussed various concerns brought up and then were instructed to come to the final meeting with suggested changes in either the Deed Restrictions or the Bylaws that they wanted considered for a vote by the committee.  There were no suggested changes brought up to the committee and therefore there are no recommendations to make to the full neighborhood membership.  Carl also stated that the Township covers many things that MVIA doesn’t like specific restrictions in ordinances.  (An example would be the weight of commercial vehicles and restrictions about parking them in residential neighborhoods.)

Neighborhood directory:  Trish asked for any updated information for the directory.      

Nominations for new board members:  Trish stated that herself and Sara were not running again and had been actively looking for new candidates.  (Both had contacted individuals who declined.) No new nominations were made at the meeting. Sara stated that she had concerns about leaving the corporation (MVIA) exposed by not having the state required minimum of 3 individual board members for a nonprofit corporation as well as the need to have a fiduciary to oversee the funds of the association. She decided she would run again and also nominated Rick Thomas and Don Merckling as candidates.  (Not the ideal set-up but it protects the corporation in the meantime.)  Donna Kashian stated that the voting should be on paper and that there should be an opportunity to speak with others in the neighborhood about their interest in running.  Sandra commented that all neighbors were given notice of the need for board candidates in early September but no one stepped forward. Sherry stated that if they weren’t at the current meeting, they must not be very serious about participating in board matters.   Private voting with paper ballots occurred and were handed to Mary Ann Essenmacher.  The results:  12 in favor of Sara, Don, and Rick being the board for 2013-14; 2 abstentions.

Other: Renee is looking for good contractors.  Has been struggling with trying to find someone who will do cement work.  She suggested if neighbors know of good ones, to get the information over to Trish to be put on the website for reference for all of us.

Adjournment - Motion made by Don Merckling; seconded by Steve Essenmacher to adjourn the meeting at 7:42 p.m.  Motion passed.

Submitted by:
Sara E. Thomas
Mountain View Improvement Association



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