Annual Meeting
October 25, 2011


*Due to the fact that only 14 households are represented, all issues voted on will need to receive additional votes by ballot to complete the business. Homeowners not in attendance are receiving a ballot included with these Minutes in which to vote. (This will be done via email or regular mail if an email is not available.)

Called to order at 7:00 p.m. in the conference room at the First National Bank on Challis Road, Brighton. Present: Board members - Trish Petrat, Don Merckling, & Sara Thomas. Members – Sheila Czornij, Bruce & Sandra Everett, Renee & Michael Green, Dan Kashian, Rebecca Krug, Bud Longfellow, Carl Mauch, Hal & Cindy Perlman, Dennis Smith, Donna Swint, Rick Thomas, Bernie Wilke, & Rick Zahler.

Welcome: Trish welcomed everyone in attendance. Pizza and pop available for members.

Funds for special presentation: Beth Duman, a local biologist and wolf expert, was invited to the meeting to talk to the members about the coyote activities in our neighborhood. Don Merckling made a motion to pay Beth’s fee of $100.00; seconded by Rick Zahler. Motion passed.

Financial statement: Sara gave a summary of the financial statement. Motion made by Don Merckling; seconded by Sandra Everett to approve the financial statement. Motion passed. Discussion regarding the need to renew the CD in February 2012. Motion made by Hal Perlman; seconded by Don Merckling for Sara to review interest rates at the time of renewal (including money markets) and then to renew the CD up to a 1-year time frame or open a money market account. It is also understood that $700 will be left in the checking account. Motion passed.

2010 Minutes: General discussion about 2010 minutes that had been sent to members last fall. No specific comments.

Dues: Payable in the amount of $30 to “MVIA” and due by November 26, 2011. Please contact Sara by clicking here to send her an e-mail if you need additional information.

Natural area signage: Sara presented information about possible boundary signs (see attached) to be posted along the property boundaries of the two park areas. Sara proposed to purchase the minimum required (25) along with U-posts and hardware. Not all 25 would be used immediately - possibly just 15 to start. The balance would be available as replacements. After discussion, the following motion was made: Don Merckling motioned; seconded by Cindy Perlman to allocate up to $200 to purchase 25 of the 5 5/8 x 5 5/8 yellow metal boundary signs that say “Property Boundary - No Trespassing” at .99 cents each, $10.00 shipping, as well as the appropriate number of fence posts and hardware. Motion passed.

7:30 pm - Special guest program: Beth Duman - “The Myths and Realities of Coyotes”

8:30 pm - General meeting resumed.

Livingston County Road Commission: Trish spoke with them about the cracks in our roads. They stated that we are on schedule for crack filling next year.

Nominations for new board members: No new nominations were made. Motion made by Cindy Perlman; seconded by Dan Kashian to keep current board. Motion passed.

Other: Commercial vehicles parked in the neighborhood: Large commercial vehicles parked in a residential zoning district are a violation of the zoning ordinance. Genoa Township will be handling this matter.

MVIA Directory: Trish is looking for updated information from members to keep our directory current. It will not be printed (unless specifically requested), however it will be sent out via email.

Snow removal: Sara brought up for discussion the possibility of the Association having a private snow removal company on call if our neighborhood is forced to wait too long for the County Road Commission to remove the snow. Sometimes we wait for days. Hal commented that when there is a snow day for the schools, there tends to be no urgency in plowing us out. Sandra expressed concern about the curve and hill on Grand Circle west. That can be problematic. It was determined that since it would be a little cumbersome to define the exact criteria for when to call a private contractor, the suggestion was made to make mass phone calls to the Road Commission when our neighborhood has been snowed in too long.

Speed: Concern expressed about how fast some people are driving in the neighborhood. It is especially disconcerting when it is our own neighbors. General plea to everyone (and their friends/families) to slow down and respect the fact that children are out and about as well as people walking for exercise or their dogs.

Adjournment - Motion made by Rick Zahler; seconded by Dan Kashian to adjourn the meeting at 8:49 p.m. Motion passed.

Submitted by:

Sara E. Thomas
Mountain View Improvement Association



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