May 9, 2006


*Due to the fact that only 17 households are represented, additional votes by ballot are needed in order to complete the business. Homeowners not in attendance are receiving a ballot included with these minutes in which to vote.

Called to order at 7:07 p.m. at the First National Bank on Challis Road, Brighton. Present: Board members – Trish Petrat, Don Merckling, and Sara Thomas. Members – Lisa Chapman, Sheila Czornij, Bruce Everett, Chris Ford, Renee & Mike Green, Sandra Hamlin, Shawn Hinson, Bill Lapham, Doris Longfellow, Sue & Kevin Love, Carl & Jeanette Mauch, Hal Perlman, Bob Reske, Bernie Wilke, and Rick Zahler.

Welcome: Trish welcomed new neighbors present: Lisa Chapman and Bill Lapham. She also expressed our best wishes to the Carpenters, Marilyn Baal, and Helen Rosenau who have either sold recently or are in the process of closing.

Ice cream truck warning: Sara reviewed the email sent her by Anne Rogers regarding a scary altercation with a blue ice cream truck in the Lee Road, Westridge area. The driver did brandish a gun and was taken in to custody by the police. However, he was released since the gun was not used to specifically threaten anyone. Neighbors are encouraged to keep an eye out about this.

Proposed purchase of Lot 5: Rick Zahler gave the history of the lot, previously owned by Sam Bono. It originally went back to the state back in the late 1970s due to back taxes at which time Sam purchased it. Over the years, he had tried to get permission to fill it (since it is mostly wetland) but had trouble getting the permit. Sara received notice several months ago that he had not paid the property taxes on it for the past couple years so it was eventually headed back to the state in which they would ultimately auction it off. Thanks to Rick & Trish – they purchased the lot from Sam to protect it from being sold at auction. This means that someone could have bought it for access to the land behind our sub or try to fill it for development. The Board of Directors feels it is in the best interest of the neighborhood to buy it from the Petrat/Zahlers and keep it as a nice open space/natural area along with the 6 acres down on Grand Circle. There was some discussion about possibly having a park bench along there. Rick presented the costs involved to a total of $4,328.28. It will take more than that for MVIA to purchase it with the additional cost of a warranty deed, etc.

Sara informed everyone present that the total amount in the MVIA accounts is approximately $6,394. Trish also brought up the issue of eventually pursuing signage for both areas if the neighborhood agrees.

Doris Longfellow motioned; seconded by Hal Perlman, to purchase Lot 5 in an amount not to exceed $5,000 with the existing funds in the MVIA accounts. Sign-in sheet sent around for those present to vote and then write their initials. All 17 households voted yes. Note: There are 4 additional households who said “yes” by email but will need to also sign to confirm their vote.

Signage for natural areas: This topic has been tabled until the fall annual meeting to help our accounts recover some funds with the upcoming dues in anticipation of the purchase. At that time, we will discuss the proposed development of signs for the natural areas owned by the neighborhood.

Clean-up date for natural area: Trish & Rick were informed by the County that they would not come out to remove the fallen trees along the roadway by our natural area. So they proposed a clean-up date to cut the trees up and haul farther off the roadway. Date proposed: Saturday, May 13 at 9:00 a.m. All interested are welcome.

Other items: Chris Ford brought up the topic of the status of the proposed Montessori School that will eventually be built on Bauer Road near the curve of Challis. This will mean major road reconfiguration but so far, no date (or funds apparently) has been decided on by the County to do this.

Motion by Bruce Everett, seconded by Bernie Wilke to close the meeting. Meeting closed at 8:00 p.m.

Submitted by:
Sara E. Thomas



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