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Thanks to everyone who came to our park clean-up. The stream and surrounding area needed to be cleared of debris. Lumber, bottles, litter, golf balls and even animal remains were removed from the area.

The small bridge over the stream was quite rickety and Kevin, Mike and Rick were at the ready and constructed a much safer and more solid bridge for crossing...thanks guys!

We will need another clean-up day to remove all the brush that has been left in this park. We'll keep you posted on a date and time. Please, no more dumping in our parks.

Great work everyone and it was especially nice to see a few young people show up to help.

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The view of the pond from our new park

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Early stages of our new sign constructed by local handyman Rick.

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Zenon, Mike and Kevin

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Sara, Rick and Kevin fishing lumber out of the stream.

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Sara helping with the stream clean-up.

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Adam, (not pictured), Livie and Chloe all helped with the clean-up effort. Thanks for coming!

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Zenon and Dan

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Tom helps with the clean-up.

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Mike, Kevin and Rick reconstructing the bridge.

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Kevin, Mike and Rick standing on the finished product. Great work!

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Don't know where our neighborhood parks are? Just look for these signs.
Thanks to the Park Committee for selecting the design.
Thanks to Sara for taking care of ordering the signs,
and thanks to Rick for putting it all together.

Scenery you can enjoy at our parks.

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